KICKOFF Wagers was created 10 years ago to provide bookmakers and agents with the safest and most reliable service for running their offshore bookmaking business.

We are here to simplify the way you run your business, not change it. Whether you're new to the offshore industry or you have been a long time agent offshore, KICKOFF is the place for you and your players. We provide you with the most personalized software that gives you all the tools to manage your accounts. Not to mention you and your players will receive the best customer service and phone service that the industry offers.

Whether your clients play online or over the phone, they will always receive the attention that they deserve. At KICKOFF, our agents deal directly with our management team and will never have a problem with our professional staff. We are proud of our excellent English speaking staff and the knowledge that our experienced representatives have to answer all or your questions.

If you are looking to place your business with a world class company or have any questions, please contact us at: